Transportation and Logistics
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Efficient and intelligent connectivity solutions

Hitachi’s advanced technological software solutions ensure safer and efficient channel systems, end-to-end,across several modes of transport.As global leaders in freight, domestic transportation, warehousing, and other end-to-end logistic services, these products encompass the entire supply chain.

Efficient and Intelligent Connectivity Solutions
Real-time Monitoring and Communication Real-time monitoring and communication for public transport

Innovative systems for safer rides

The advanced features of Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP)enable real-time monitoring and communication across terminals and vehicles. Integrating data from multiple devices and systems, offer single-dashboard visibility to strengthen public safety systems.Authorities can monitor the live display to ensure the safety of each ride and reduce the impact of unforeseen crises and emergencies.

New York Waterway (NY Waterway) is an example of a public transport system that has incorporated HVP to ensure a holistic approach to safety and preparedness. The system integrates disparate data from videos and lends a single-point, intelligent prediction to provide complete information regarding the entire stretch covered under surveillance.

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Innovation and Local Solutions Innovation and Local Solutions

Enabling innovation and local solutions

Data is at the heart of smart cities, but much of a city’s data is siloed or unavailable to local developers. Hitachi is partnering with the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Capital Region (CLEAN), and a consortium of other partners to design and implement an innovative, comprehensive data platform called the City Data Exchange. The aim is to take a step further from the already well-known open city data platforms by establishing a city-wide marketplace for the sale and purchase of data between all types of users of the marketplace. This marketplace will be the first time that public data and private data will be integrated into a single solution. Learn more about innovations in City Data.

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