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Social Innovation and the Internet of Things: Our Promise for Safer, Smarter and Healthier Societies

Hitachi contributes a major role in molding a better tomorrow; owing to its varied expertise across multiple spheres – from futuristic technology and infrastructure, to innovative medical and healthcare solutions. Aspiring to create a safer, smarter, and sustainable future, Hitachi developed the Social Innovation Business (SIB). Social innovation focuses on solving global challenges through innovation in collaboration with its valuable customers, for optimal use of natural resources.

Safer, Smarter and Healthier Societies

Our journey has started

Hitachi’s vision, coupled with its elaborate innovations, create next-generation cities, safer communities, enhanced connectivity, improved healthcare, resource conservation and intelligent solutions for a smarter and stronger tomorrow.

Social Innovation Forum 2015

The Social Innovation Forum held in 2015 signaled the first dedicated event which focused on Social Innovation Business in North America. Distinguished guests from diverse industry sectors attended the forum. Panel discussions included major innovative trends, disruptive technology, and cutting-edge ideas that focused on sustainable development.

The Social Innovation Business derived from a driven desire to find, and develop, innovative and inclusive methods for transformative development across industry sectors. Hitachi’s products and services remain in the forefront of the waves for futuristic social innovation.

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Environmental Activities

Hitachi is committed to working towards a better future through consistent adherence to ecological standards at every one of their factories and offices. Through our social innovation initiatives, we develop environmental-friendly products that are designed to serve people for generations to come. Our vision, products, campaigns, initiatives, and facilities are oriented towards developing innovative technology that is both productive and supportive in environmental sustainability.

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Case Studies

Discover how a Hitachi partner with enterprises belonging to different industries across the world adds value and credibility to transform operations. Our innovative products and solutions benefit organizations across sectors including: Retail, Power, Education, Medical, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Research and Science, Finance and Insurance, and other powerful sectors. By partnering with our philosophy, our clients achieve their objectives, to scale their business and increase productivity.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hitachi, we prioritize our societal responsibility as a cornerstone to success. We believe in collaborating with stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable society which maintains high transparency in all our activities. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives uphold, prioritize human rights, encourage diversity and inclusion, and preserve ecosystems. Creating social innovation solutions that are sustainable is our main focus as we move towards creating global solutions for society’s challenges.

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