Hitachi Social Innovation
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Social Innovation and the Internet of Things: Our Promise for Safer, Smarter and Healthier Societies

Hitachi contributes a major role in molding a better tomorrow; owing to its varied expertise across multiple spheres – from futuristic technology and infrastructure, to innovative medical and healthcare solutions. Aspiring to create a safer, smarter, and sustainable future, Hitachi developed the Social Innovation Business (SIB). Social innovation focuses on solving global challenges through innovation in collaboration with its valuable customers, for optimal use of natural resources.

Social Innovation Forum 2016

The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016 in North America took place on November 15th 2016 at The Fairmont Hotel & at Hitachi’s new Global Center for Social Innovation in Santa Clara, California. This HSIF, which was presented as an R&D Symposium with the theme, “Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations” focused on Hitachi’s vision of Social Innovation in our lives, our businesses, and our industries by convening with visionary and strategic thinkers who together will shape the future of IoT.

Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business has enabled the company to focus on the major issues and challenges facing the world, in areas such as healthcare, safety and security, infrastructure, and sustainable water and energy resources.

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