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Hitachi in the USA

In 1926, the export of 30 electric fans to the United States began the journey of Hitachi in North America. Years later, in 1959, Hitachi America, Ltd. was established as a regional subsidiary and the first manufacturing facility was completed in 1977.

Now Hitachi has more than 24,700 employees among its 72 Group companies in the U.S. and 19 R&D labs operating in 37 states, with revenues of $10 billion in North America (as of March 31, 2021). Its proven experience in global markets allows Hitachi to inspire the world. With operations across North America, Hitachi Group currently offers a broad range of sustainable technology solutions, industrial services & equipment, rail & automotive products, healthcare and life sciences solutions, energy solutions, IT infrastructure services, and more.

By leveraging its sustainable technology solutions, Hitachi is working toward driving sustainability across industries and helping the planet achieve carbon neutrality. Our advanced digital solutions enable organizations to improve their performance while addressing significant social challenges and environmental issues. Using our Social Innovation Business, we are working toward building a stronger infrastructure for our society by utilizing advanced digital technology solutions like IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence, and delivering turnkey industrial solutions for our partners.

Through collaboration, we strive to bring businesses, governments, partners and consumers together to accelerate social innovation in the U.S. and build a better future.

Corporate Profile

  Hitachi Asia Ltd.
Company Name Hitachi America, Ltd.
Address 2535 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel (408) 986-6300
Fax (650) 244-7037
Founded 1959