Hitachi In North America

Hitachi Insight GroupFormed in 2016 and based in Santa Clara, CA, Hitachi Insight Group drives Hitachi’s unied Internet of Things (IoT) business and go-to-market strategy worldwide. With $5.4 billion in IoT solutions and services revenue generated in 2015 and 33 solutions currently in-market, the Hitachi Insight Group offers one of the broadest IoT solutions portfolios in the industry. Hitachi is heavily investing in research and development of IoT-optimized solutions and services across key market segments: Smart City, Smart Energy, and Smart Industry or Industrial IoT, and Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT core platform, to accelerate solution delivery. Hitachi’s IoT-focused team is comprised of more than 16,000 employees from various divisions across Hitachi Ltd. and its group companies, including Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Consulting and others.Hitachi was a pioneer in the creation and application of sensors to provide connected intelligence and support early IoT use cases in industrial markets, such as predictive maintenance and optimized factories. Today, Hitachi’s expansive IoT portfolio includes solutions and services for public safety and smart cities, renewable and sustainable energy, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and manufacturing, water treatment and urban development, construction, mining and more. These digital solutions support real-world outcomes like increased productivity and safety, streamlined business processes, lower cost of operations, reduced carbon footprint and improved quality of life. To enhance its existing IoT portfolio and support the development of new, repeatable solutions and services for a range of industry use cases, the company has developed the Lumada IoT core platform from veried Hitachi technologies. Lumada’s open, adaptable software architecture is designed to accelerate the development of IoT solutions, while providing exible support for customization and co-creation with Hitachi’s customers and partners.8 Hitachi in North America