Hitachi In North America

Social Innovation in Action PUBLIC SAFETYThe data-driven ways your city keeps you safeTimes are getting tougher for criminals, thanks to technological advancements in public safety. Public spaces today are protected by surveillance systems, from security cameras to gunshot detectors, which form a digitized infrastructure that makes it easier to detect and prevent crimes, or catch offenders faster when crimes occur. However, for most public safety and security organizations, it can be difcult to manage and extract insight from all the resulting data and video streams – human operators often can’t keep up. Hitachi has developed a comprehensive portfolio of public safety and security solutions to address these challenges, helping private enterprises, law enforcement, and governments agencies to keep their workplaces, communities and assets safer and make them smarter and more efcient. To fulll on Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business, Hitachi has a number of use cases in key industries such as automotive, public safety and healthcare that illustrate the company’s commitment to be an innovation partner for the IoT era. 10 Hitachi in North America