Hitachi In North America

IoTThe IoT revolution is underway. We’re made for IoT.You’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) – the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software and sensors that enable the collection and sharing of connected data. But how will IoT transform the way in which we work and live? For nearly a decade, Hitachi has been working to answer this question with a robust portfolio of IoT data-driven solutions. As one of the few companies specializing in both OT and IT, Hitachi is uniquely poised to drive Social Innovation solutions to deliver smarter, safer and healthier societies. We have the people, capital, patents and partners to pioneer a bright future with IoT solutions that enable us all to thrive as never before. One example is Hitachi Video Management Platform, which was designed to specically enable data-intensive video security and monitoring, analytics and visualization innovations. It allows companies to improve operations and safety with insights into performance, process and utilization around the clock – and around the globe. Social Innovation in Action12 Hitachi in North America