Hitachi In North America

ENERGYThe next-generation grid that will keep power on during blackoutsPower outages cost the U.S. economy between $104 and $164 billion each year. Understandably, communities and businesses are seeking new localized strategies to prepare for shocks to their energy supply. Motivated by the outsized impact of power disruptions on families and communities, Hitachi Social Innovation Business is developing local solutions. Hitachi has become a leader in the use of microgrids to enhance the energy resilience of local communities. Working closely with 12 New York communities, Hitachi is helping to identify critical facilities, plan the development of on-site energy generation and design a microgrid that will allow these facilities to stay powered when regional grids go down. As other states and countries look to replicate the success of early adopters like New York, the power grid may nally be the beacon of hope we’ve been waiting for. Social Innovation in ActionHitachi in North America 13