Hitachi In North America

AUTONOMOUS DRIVINGNext road trip, let the car drive youThink you’re a good driver? Well, your car might just be better at it. With an average of 20,000 components in today’s automobile – most of them potential sources of data – software, data analytics, and digital technologies are becoming as crucial to car design as engines and interiors. Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas is creating new technologies for next-generation automobiles, including tools that assist autonomous vehicles in parking, lane changing and braking. These systems also provide analytics that can help automakers measure wear and tear and alert car owners of the need for maintenance. Hitachi is also an Afliate Member of the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center, which operates Mcity, a unique test facility that simulates a broad range of complex driving environments, and allows users to test new technologies in a variety of challenging situations. Hitachi leverages Mcity to advance its development of connected car and autonomous driving technologies that can contribute to vehicle value, safety and comfort. So, on that next road trip, you may just want to let go of the wheel and enjoy the ride.Social Innovation in ActionHitachi in North America 15