Hitachi In North America

Hitachi Group Companies in North AmericaHitachi Cable America Inc., Automotive Products Cable America’s Automotive Products Division serves the automotive industry with a variety of top quality components, materials and services. The company is an industry leader in uid movement components such as brake hose assemblies and uid applications, including hose and tube assemblies. The company also supplies high technology electrical products such as ABS braking sensors, electric parking brake harnesses, and hybrid electric vehicle wire harnesses including high and low voltage electrical cables.Hitachi Consulting Corporation www.hitachiconsulting.comWith a global presence in the automotive industry, Hitachi Consulting serves many of the Fortune Global 500 automotive companies, partnering with them to build sustainable, differentiated solutions for their business environments. Leveraging expertise across Hitachi, Hitachi Consulting has combined industry and business process knowledge with distinctive insights into existing and emerging technologies like Cloud and Big Data to develop a range of innovative, end-to-end solution offerings for the automotive industry. Hitachi Consulting is positioned to change the driving experience, while at the same time, energizing the automotive value chain with information.Hitachi Metals North Carolina, Ltd. Hitachi Metals North Carolina is a manufacturing subsidiary of Hitachi Metals America and produces high-energy ferrite magnets and NEOMAX® neodymium rare-earth sintered magnets for high performance motor applications primarily serving the automotive industry. Its high-performance permanent magnets are backed up by a world-leading R&D capability and marketed through Hitachi Metals America, LLC.Hitachi’s Automotive Business in MexicoIn Mexico, Hitachi offers a broad range of products and services that relate specically to the automotive industry. Hitachi manufactures, markets and sells automotive components that contribute to fuel efciency, engine performance and heightened driver and passenger comfort and convenience. Hitachi is committed to continued expansion of its products and services targeting the automotive sector in Mexico.Waupaca Foundry, Inc. www.waupacafoundry.comWaupaca Foundry, a Hitachi Metals Group company, produces gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, HNM™ series high-strength ductile iron, and austempered ductile iron castings using state-of-the-art processes and technology. The manufacturer also offers precision machining and assembly for the OEM automotive industry. Waupaca Foundry is North America’s leading supplier of iron castings to the automotive, commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction and industrial markets. Headquartered in Waupaca, Wisconsin, the iron castings components supplier operates seven iron foundries located in Waupaca, Wisconsin, Marinette, Wisconsin, Tell City, Indiana, Etowah, Tennessee, and Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. The company operates two machining and assembly plants in Efngham, Illinois and Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.Business Solutions and ConsultingBy integrating our IT and OT expertise to create a safer, more secure world, Hitachi continues to further Social Innovation. With prociency in data collection, analysis and feedback, Hitachi improves operational processes, builds hardware and software for technology foundations, and provides systems integration and cloud services to deliver end-to-end solutions.The Hitachi Group helps companies keep pace with innovations in IoT that deliver positive commercial and social outcomes. From digital media, security and telecommunications products to education aids and instruments for biological research, Hitachi companies help organizations navigate their digital transformation journey.Hitachi America, Ltd. – Digital Media Division Solutions Group The Business Solutions Group Digital Media Division offers a complete line of LCD and DLP projectors that provide professional-grade performance for all environments. Hitachi provides extremely intuitive, user-friendly projectors for schools (K-12 and collegiate), government, corporate, entertainment and houses of worship. With products that range from portable to installation-grade large-venue models, Hitachi delivers unmatched presentation performance.Hitachi in North America 17