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Hitachi Powdered Metals (USA), Inc. Powdered Metals USA is a leading global supplier of precision engineered powdered metal components used in a variety of highly diverse and competitive industries. The company’s products include valve guide inserts, timing system sprockets and pulleys and variable valve timing (VVT) components including housings, vanes, rotors and sprockets. The company produces high volume, advanced engineered components primarily for automotive, heavy-duty, recreation/off-highway vehicles and general purpose engine applications.Diehl Tool Steel, Inc. www.diehlsteel.comDiehl Tool Steel, Inc. (DTS) is an international supplier of quality steel, alloy steel, CPM powder metal, mold steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum products and services. The products are used in thousands of manufacturing applications including automotive and aerospace. DTS offers standard and custom cut and machined sizes for tool steel ats, bars, squares, sheets plates, drill rod, hollow bar and rounds. Information and TelecommunicationsIn the IoT era, the world is quickly turning into a data-generating system. As more data is created by business processes, humans and now machines, IT has the burden of managing this data growth with limited resources. At the same time, IT also has the opportunity to help businesses turn that data into useful information that inspires insights and innovation. When it comes to helping IT professionals manage data, derive value from it and contribute to Social Innovation, Hitachi stands with the best.Hitachi Group Companies in North America offer IT solutions that serve a wide range of industries – from telecommunications and data storage products, to consulting services, Social Innovation technologies and advanced analytics. With decades of IT and OT expertise, Hitachi’s IT powers technology leaders around the world.Hitachi Cable America, Cable America (HCA) designs and builds high-speed copper and ber optic cables to support the most advanced network electronics available, including wired and wireless. With manufacturing facilities in Manchester, New Hampshire, HCA provides reliable platforms to support any and all applications. The company produces cables to support 10 gigabit Ethernet, 100 gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Inniband, and even supercomputing.Hitachi Computer Products America, Inc.www.hitachiomd.comFounded in 1985, Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc. is the International Supply Chain Center for Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), providing supply chain planning management for HDS operations globally. It also manufactures enterprise and midrange level storage and server products as well as providing conguration, distribution and repair operations for IT Infrastructure Solutions sold by HDS in the America’s market.Hitachi Consulting Corporationwww.hitachiconsulting.comHitachi Consulting helps companies meet the demands of a rapidly changing digital environment with a focus on disruptive technologies: digital and mobile, cloud adoption, IoT and technology convergence. We help companies transform their core business operations and customer experience channels to modernize and align to the digital world, harness the power of the cloud as they forgo building expensive IT infrastructures and focus on business agility and scalability, imbed sensors and analytics throughout their operations to connect machines and people, drive sustainability and energy management and harness the power of smart insights, and enable them to modernize their enterprise systems and processes. Hitachi Consulting is a key driver of Hitachi’s innovation strategy by connecting products, platforms and technologies from Hitachi into global solutions that create value for customers around the world.Hitachi Data Systems www.hds.comHitachi Data Systems offers an integrated portfolio of services and solutions that enable digital transformation through enhanced data management, governance, mobility and analytics. We help global organizations open new revenue streams, increase efciencies, improve customer experience and ensure rapid time to market in the digital age. Only Hitachi Data Systems powers the digital enterprise by integrating the best information technology and operational technology from across the Hitachi family of companies. We combine this experience with Hitachi expertise in the internet of things to deliver the exceptional insights business and society need to transform and thrive.Hitachi ID Systems, ID Systems is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions. Hitachi ID software helps over 1,000 organizations with 13 million end users meet security, internal control, regulatory compliance, IT cost reduction and user service objectives. The Hitachi ID Management Suite manages identities, entitlements and authentication factors across both on-premises and SaaS applications in the cloud.Hitachi Group Companies in North America22 Hitachi in North America