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Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. Solutions America, Ltd. Business Solutions Group (BSG), recognized as Microsoft 2014 CRM Global Partner of the Year and the 2014 Dynamics Global Outstanding Reseller of the Year, helps its customers to successfully compete with the largest global enterprises using powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable industry solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhanced with world class Business Analytics, and Portals and Collaboration. The Products and Services Group (PSG) of HSAL uses its diverse range of Information Technology expertise to drive its Social Innovation Business on a global scale. Using advanced Information Technology, PSG offers business process management, collaboration and security solutions as a one-stop-service on a global scale for challenges faced by our customers and society. Pentahowww.pentaho.comPentaho, a Hitachi Group Company, is a leading data integration and business analytics company with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments. This unied data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive, completely embeddable, and delivers governed data to power any analytics, in any environment. Pentaho’s mission is to help organizations across multiple industries harness the value from all their data, including big data and IoT, enabling them to nd new revenue streams, operate more efciently, deliver outstanding service and minimize risk.PowerFor over 100 years, Hitachi has been an innovator in the area of power generation technology, utilizing our expertise and experience to develop highly efcient nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power systems. Today, Hitachi offers state-of-the-art power generation equipment and technologies that supply cleaner, low-cost electricity. These technologies help preserve vital resources, beneting not only the customer but society as well.Hitachi Group Companies in North America power solutions range from energy storage systems, power generation and transmission to distribution and consumption. Additional solutions include specialized environmentally-friendly circuit breakers, switchgear and transformers.Hitachi America, Ltd. Solutions DivisionHitachi America’s Energy Solutions Division delivers solutions that include microgrids, battery energy storage systems and grid stabilization systems. Hitachi’s electric power transmission and distribution systems business is a core part of its power systems business. In 2014, Hitachi installed its rst CrystEna® system, a complete energy storage system, in the U.S. The system was developed with an emphasis on long operating life, providing signicant commercial value. It uses Hitachi’s control systems and power conditioning systems (PCS), and lithium-ion batteries from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Hitachi Consulting www.hitachiconsulting.comHitachi Consulting’s energy services include holistic and innovative solutions combining technical capability with deep industry expertise to help companies overcome the challenges of effectiveness and performance, regulatory and reporting requirements, supply chain, workforce training and recruiting and the demand for green and sustainable solutions. We accelerate whole facility optimization through resource reduction initiatives that eliminate traditional barriers; deploy innovative technology, best in class product and service solutions; and drive operational excellence. We leverage Hitachi products, expertise in big data management and strategy consulting and partner with clients to create dynamic and customizable energy solutions to align with client specic resource saving goals. Hitachi Consulting is a key driver of Hitachi’s innovation strategy by connecting products, platforms and technologies from Hitachi into global solutions that create value for customers around the world.Hitachi T&D Solutions, T&D Solutions, Inc. (HTDS) is a premier international supplier of electrical equipment, including 72.5kV-800kV dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, 72.5kV-800kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), large power transformers (above 200MVA) and generator main circuit breakers. One of the company’s signicant innovative accomplishments was the introduction of the industry’s rst 72.5 kV high voltage dead tank vacuum circuit breaker which eliminates the ozone depleting SF6 gas commonly used in this product. HTDS provides installation, project management, maintenance and testing services for all products.Metglas, Inc.www.metglas.comMetglas is a subsidiary of Hitachi Metals America and the world’s leading producer of amorphous metal ribbon and components. These are used in the production of electrical distribution transformers, high frequency magnetic components for power electronics, materials for anti-theft tags, brazing alloys and solder.Hitachi Group Companies in North AmericaHitachi in North America 23