Hitachi In North America

Social Infrastructure and Industrial EquipmentAt Hitachi, we have faith in the power of technology to advance and transform our lives. Within the industrial sector, Hitachi Group Companies in North America supply sophisticated industrial equipment, components and services for use in pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage processing, steel making, mass transit systems, chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities. Hitachi industrial technology helps to safeguard public health by creating more efcient water treatment facilities, pollution control systems and food processing facilities. Hitachi’s industrial products and components are integral to some of the world’s most sophisticated infrastructure technologies.AccSys Technology, Inc.www.accsys.comHitachi’s AccSys Technology business is the world’s leading commercial supplier of ion linear accelerator systems. Founded in 1985 as a design and manufacturing company, AccSys specializes in the development, production, installation and servicing of low-cost compact ion linear accelerators (linacs). These accelerators use radiofrequency quadrupole (RFQ) linac and drift-tube linac (DTL) technology. AccSys also designs, manufactures and services RF power systems and neutron generators.Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication, LLCwww.machinefabrication.comHi-Tech Machine & Fabrication, LLC, located in Ashaway, Rhode Island, is a precision machining company specializing in custom part development and production. They provide one-stop design, 5-axis CNC machining, wire-EDM, small hole-EDM, water jetting, fabrication and CMM services. Through consistent and responsive innovation, strict quality standards, and a drive to increase efciency through investment in and adaptation of cutting edge manufacturing technology, Hi-Tech Machine & Fabrication has earned a credible position as a supplier of precision machine components in the defense contracting marketplace. The company is driven to be a leader in supplying the Department of Defense and its prime contractors with the quality and precision required to protect our armed forces.Hitachi America, Ltd. Components and Equipment Division (ICED)Hitachi America ICED supplies sophisticated electrical and electronic industrial equipment and components for use in pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage processing, steel making, mass transit systems, chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities. Core product areas include oil-free compressors, continuous inkjet printers and variable drives.Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division (IISD)Hitachi America IISD distributes a broad range of technologically sophisticated equipment and systems designed to support the advanced engineering needs of industrial and infrastructure facilities today and in the future. IISD equipment and systems support the world’s industry and infrastructure through advanced technologies in the elds of power generation, electrical drive systems, oil and gas, water supplies and treatments, and mass railway transportation. Core product areas include electric motors, industrial compressors, large diameter pumps, power semiconductor products, turbine generators for power stations and wind turbine generators.Hitachi Cable America, Inc. Cable America, Inc. (HCA) manufactures cables that are used on a daily basis to support important aspects of everyday life for millions of people. HCA builds subway cables, cell tower cables and cables used both on trains and in train stations and yards. HCA also develops and manufactures ber optic cables that connect homes and business to the worldwide web. All Hitachi cables are built to endure extreme conditions and reliably perform for decades. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Construction Machinery Company (HCM) produces world-class products for the mining and construction industry. The company’s products include hydraulic excavators, shovels and rigid haul trucks for the mining industry. In the U.S., Hitachi construction excavators are produced in the Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation factory in Kernersville, North Carolina. Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing, Construction Truck Manufacturing (HTM) is a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., (HCM) which produces and sells world-class products for the mining and the aggregates industries. The company builds and supplies various size rigid dump trucks from 65 ton to 320 ton payloads to Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) for global distribution. Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing also supplies spare parts for rigid dump trucks to HCM’s global dealer network.Hitachi High Technologies America, High Technologies America (HTA) supplies and supports innovative etching and metrology equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing process. In addition to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, HTA sells and services a broad range of technology-based products including industrial and IT systems, electron microscopes, analytical instrumentation, electronic materials and devices, and systems products. Hitachi Group Companies in North America24 Hitachi in North America