Hitachi In North America

Hitachi Data Systems www.hds.comHitachi Data Systems serves customers throughout Canada, including Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, including large installations of IT solutions for the Canadian government. The company has its own extended presence and also works through a strong network of distribution channels and resellers. Canadian businesses and institutions rely on Hitachi Data Systems for digital transformation through IT infrastructure, analytics, content and cloud solutions and services to drive strategic management and analysis of their data.Hitachi High-Technologies Canada, High-Technologies Canada (HTC) supplies and supports innovative metrology equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing process. In addition to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, HTA sells and services a broad range of technology-based products including electron microscopes and analytical instrumentation.Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. ID Systems is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions. Hitachi ID software helps over 1,000 organizations with 13 million end users meet security, internal control, regulatory compliance, IT cost reduction and user service objectives. The Hitachi ID Management Suite manages identities, entitlements and authentication factors across both on-premises and SaaS applications in the cloud.Hitachi Koki Canada Co. (Hitachi Power Tools) www.hitachipowertools.caHitachi Koki Canada (Hitachi Power Tools) is the Canadian division of Hitachi Koki USA that distributes and supports Hitachi power tools and outdoor power equipment to over 2,000 retail and industrial locations and over 200 authorized service centers throughout Canada.Hitachi Solutions Canada, Solutions Canada, Ltd. Business Solutions Group (BSG) helps its customers to successfully compete with the largest global enterprises using powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable industry solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhanced with world class Business Analytics, and Portals and Collaboration. The Products and Services Group (PSG) of HSAL uses its diverse range of Information Technology expertise to drive its Social Innovation Business on a global scale. Using advanced Information Technology, PSG offers business process management, collaboration and security solutions as a one-stop-service on a global scale for challenges faced by our customers and society. Wenco International Mining Systems, Ltd. www.wencomine.comFor more than 30 years, Wenco has improved mine performance using data technology to produce more, stall less and run safely. Mines around the world thrive on Wenco’s solutions, including eet management for total control, dispatching for easier, automated assignments, machine guidance for precise cutting and lling, and maintenance tools that reduce delays and downtime. Wenco’s latest systems move beyond the pit with smarter, simpler and safer next-generation solutions that leverage analytics, e-learning, intelligent proximity, predictive machine health, autonomous trucking and more. Hitachi Group Companies in North America26 Hitachi in North America