Human Development

Hitachi is committed to furthering STEAM education in the United States.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education is becoming increasingly important as STEAM jobs are growing and as technology becomes integrated into all kinds of occupations. Encouraging STEAM education from an early age can reduce gender and minority gaps in these fields and foster critical thinking and innovation.

Supporting STEAM education initiatives allows Hitachi employees to share their expertise with the next generation. These activities can cultivate excellent young leaders and inspire children and young adults to start careers in STEAM fields.

Hitachi group companies across the country further STEAM education initiatives by donating their time, money and resources. You can read more about our activities in the spotlights below.

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Hitachi cares for the environment by supporting local environmental education and habitat restoration.

Part of Hitachi’s Environmental Vision 2050 is to realize a harmonized society with nature by minimizing our impact on natural capital. In addition to reducing our burden at factories and offices, Hitachi employees also volunteer time and donate money to environmental causes.

Hitachi sponsors environmental education in local communities and supports environmental clean-ups and land preservation. These activities are valuable because they allow our employees and members of the local community to spend time in nature while giving back.

Community Support

Hitachi is dedicated to the growth of our local communities.

Hitachi develops relationships in our local communities by supporting initiatives that contribute to the resolution of social issues. Hitachi group companies always aim to develop relationships of mutual trust with their communities by helping to solve ongoing issues, like hunger and poverty, and stepping in during emergencies, like natural disasters.

Hitachi employees work together to select causes that are most important to them and provide funding, volunteer hours and additional resources. Each location’s giving is autonomous, which allows employees to tackle issues that are important in their own area.