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3DEZ Self-Training Guides - Essential Quick Tutorial Guides

Import a 3D Object or Model

To import a 3D object or model,

  1. Click File > Import File/Model
  2. The following 3D model formats are supported: .obj, .dae, .amf, .awd, .babylon, .ctm, .fbx, .glb, .gltf, .js, .json, .3geo, .3mat, .3obj, .vtk, .wrl, .3scn, .kmz, .md2, .playcanvas, .ply, .stl, .3ds

Note: Scaling option should be used to match the imported 3D model to the grid unit (Feet or Meter).

Contact 3D.Solutions.Support@hal.hitachi.com for any assistance.

3D Position (X,Y,Z) of a Camera or Any 3D Object

The position of any object in the editor is in respect to the origin (X,Y,Z) = (0, 0, 0) and expressed in generic units, where:

+X points to the right of the screen
-X points to the left of the screen
+Y points to the top of the screen
-Y points to the bottom of the screen
+Z points out of the screen (towards you)
-Z points into the screen (away from you)

To change the position, rotation, and size of an object,

  1. Click on the Object tab in the side bar and edit the coordinate values displayed within the side bar, or
  2. Click on the translate and rotate options in the bottom bar, and edit with the pop-up box, or
  3. Edit directly from the Object Position and Object Rotation fields in the bottom bar

Take a Snapshot from a Camera Simulate View

You can take snapshots from a simulated camera view by using the Theater Mode feature.

  1. Click on the video icon on to enter Theater Mode.
  2. Right-click on the desired camera and select Play to open the simulated view window
  3. Click the + icon to enlarge the window, or the icon to minimize it
  4. Click the camera icon at the top of the window to take snapshots from the simulated camera view