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3D-LiDAR (TOF) Motion Sensor

F3D ToF Motion Sensor

  • Multiple usage applications: security enhancement, retail and marketing analysis, warehouse and manufacturing, care facilities and hospitals
  • Wide viewing range, high precision distance measurement with 3D data
  • Detectable in bright light and low light


F3D ToF Motion Sensor

The Hitachi 3D-LiDAR (TOF) Sensor can be utilized in multiple scenarios such as retail, care facilities and manufacturing plants to calculate movement and provide data in real time using infrared beam technology. The measurement is based on the time it takes light to travel to the object and back to the sensor, the "time of flight" (ToF).


  • High Precision Tracking
  • Detectable in Dark and Bright Spaces
  • Privacy Conscious
  • Tag Free


Ensures Safety

  • Certified to Class 1 for IEC60825-1:2007 safety standard.
  • Class 1: No impact to the human body (eyes & skin).

Ensures Privacy

3D-LiDAR (TOF) Sensor can detect people and objects with 3D images but does not capture identifying characteristics to ensure privacy.

Ensures Compliance

The 3D-LiDAR (TOF) can detect abnormal movements against protocol which can prevent manufacturing defects or accidents and lead to increased productivity.


Enhanced Security

The sensor can detect when someone enters restricted or dangerous areas and sends alert information in real time to security personnel.

Used in connection with ID cards, the sensor can detect when someone without an ID card follows someone with a card and alert security personnel, eliminating "tailgating" by unauthorized persons.

Shoplifting can be deterred by using the sensor to detect suspicious behavior, actions, and time spent in a location. The sensor can detect movement in areas where security cameras have blind spots and alert security personnel.

Comprehensive In-Store Analysis

The sensor can track the number of people entering and exiting the store, along with behaviors of passersby thus giving marketers data on time spent viewing store window displays and advertising effectiveness.

In store behavior analysis is achieved by tracking aisles visited, time spent in particular locations, products viewed and touched then selected for purchase.

Real time data can help retailers properly staff busy locations and check out lanes.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Application

The sensor can detect movement of line workers and out of position detection.



3D ToF Motion Sensor Specifications