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About Industrial Components and Equipment Division

Headquartered at the Hitachi America, Ltd. in Tarrytown, New York, Hitachi Industrial Equipment helps manufacturing and production organizations in the Americas improve the flexibility and efficiency of their operations through high quality industrial equipment offerings that consistently deliver production uptime, throughput and cost savings benefits. Hitachi Industrial Equipment is supported by a dedicated team of distributors and experienced industry professionals with a singular focus on helping these organizations achieve operational excellence. Hitachi Industrial Equipment covers a wide-range of quality products.

The Division's business concept is contributing to environmental protection and energy conservation. The Division aims to contribute to the improvement of current and future global, social, and security environments using its technological capabilities, and strives to become the foundation of society and industry, promoting continuous growth at the same time. These goals have been, and will be, the objectives of the company's business.

"Based on the founding concepts of 'harmony,' 'sincerity,' and 'pioneering spirit,' Hitachi Industrial Equipment has made it the basic principle to operate business with integrated services, sales, and manufacturing, and is determined to contribute to the progress and development of our society through high-quality products and services.

We promote our products throughout the Americas (Canada, USA, Central & South America).

In addition to our Tarrytown location we have two additional USA locations:

Charlotte, NC – The sales and operation office co-located with warehouse.
Brisbane, CA – The Submersible pump motor sales operation.