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Industrial Air Conditioning Systems & Refrigeration Equipment

Hitachi Appliances, Inc., in coordination with Air Conditioning Systems Group, manufactures an extensive line of applied, light commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Hitachi industrial air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment include room air conditioning systems and packaged air conditioning systems for stores, as well as chiller units and centrifugal chillers for buildings, hotels and hospitals, spot air conditioners for commercial use and large centrifugal chillers for district heating and cooling systems.

Hitachi Appliances, Inc. and Air Conditioning Systems Group provide a comprehensive solution that covers manufacturing, sales, installation and service of air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment. The Air Conditioning Systems Group also manufactures industrial horizontal screw and scroll compressors for various OEM applications for commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and helium applications.

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Industrial Compressors

For North American contact information regarding Hitachi's line of industrial OEM compressors, please visit Hitachi Industrial Compressors.

Air Conditioners

Hitachi applied equipment (screw and absorption chillers) and light commercial air conditioning equipment is not available in North America.