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Industrial Hoists

Hitachi industrial hoists are manufactured at par with industry-best standards.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment is a prominent supplier of high quality rope hoists and electric chain hoists. Our hoists are available with and without 'creep' capability, and include inverter controlled variable speed and jib crane models. Hitachi leverages years of research and development efforts and high-level technology know-how to manufacture industrial hoists ideal for industrial material handling requirements, with robust lifting capacities, ranging from 500 lbs to 60,000 lbs.
Our chain and wire rope hoists have limited availability in the Americas.


For Industrial Hoists, please contact: Miguel Cabrera


Rope Hoists

Available in V-Series (High Function Type): From ½ to 30 ton, standard Headroom Type, Low Headroom Type, Double Rail Type 


A-Series (Orthodox Type): From 1 to 3 ton, Standard headroom Type, Low Headroom Type

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Electric Chain Hoists

For Asia /Oceania market: Standard Type (S-Series) High Speed Type (F-Series)

For European market Standard Type (S-Series) High Speed Type (F-Series)

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