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UX-P160W - Pigmented Cartridge Model

A well-equipped printer with a pour in system that is capable of up to 6 lines of printing and up to 1000 characters.

Easy to Use Interface

A large 10.4” display, and intuitive parameter illustrations reduce the complexity typically found in traditional small screen printers. In addition, messages can be easily changed in one screen, with a live WYSISYG display.

Low Total Cost of Operation

Hitachi's design facilitates longevity, Each component of our print-head can be replaced individually, thus reducing the need to purchase costly sub-assemblies. Our preventative maintenance items are all replaceable individually as well, further reducing the unnecessary replacement of complete ink circuits or complete ink cores.

Easy Automated Nozzle Cleaning

Nozzle cleaning is as simple as pressing a button. Once nozzle cleaning is completed the printer will be set to stop mode automatically. This printer also supports nozzle backwash functions which allows cleaning fluid to be ingested through the nozzle, quckly and easily cleaning any clogs.

Worry-Free Standby Circulation

An ink circulation control method has been incorporated which allows the ink to circulate even in standby mode. This helps to prevent ink fixing, increasing operational efficiency and further reducing potential downtime.

Airless Stirring System

This printer relies on a simple, yet highly effective Magitate system. This system reduces filter and nozzle clogging and eliminates the need for costly modifications to your compressed air system.