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Hitachi America, Ltd. leads the way when it comes to the manufacture of class-leading industrial continuous inkjet printer products. Our products find use in wide spectrum of marking and coding applications across industries in the American marketplace. Visit different resources feature below to learn everything you need to know about Hitachi industrial continuous inkjet printers.

White Papers

The white papers in Hitachi's inkjet printer resource section present ideas and findings based on the work done by Hitachi to improve the quality and value of our products. The papers provide details of the ways Hitachi has innovated to address the most egregious customer pain points.


Explore Hitachi inkjet printer videos to get in-depth information about Hitachi innovation, products, and solutions. The videos also include product demonstrations where Hitachi industrial inkjet printers at various events.

Case Studies

Hitachi adheres to high quality standards and forms an in-depth understanding of the customer’s situation to offer the most appropriate industrial inkjet printing solutions. Our case studies showcase our skills in solving customers’ printing-related problems.