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Hitachi in the U.S.A.Industrial and Infrastructure Systems DivisionHitachi in the U.S.A. | Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division

Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division

Hitachi America, Ltd. Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division

Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division

Hitachi Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division offers a pioneering range of industrial products and services that enhance the quality of daily life. Hitachi supplies high quality industrial equipment, and services for applications in oil and gas, steel making, mining, transportation, wind turbines, chemical plants, and other manufacturing facilities.

Hitachi follows industry best methodologies to create solutions-oriented products and technologies, aimed at addressing energy savings issues faced by our customers. Explore the sections below to learn more about Hitachi industrial products and solutions.

Industrial Products

Medium Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters)

Hitachi Medium Voltage AC Drives (Industrial Inverters) Hitachi utilizes its vast expertise in drive systems technology to manufacture a complete lineup of high-tech medium voltage AC drives (industrial inverters).


Hitachi is a worldwide supplier of high performance industrial compressors that are universally adaptable and support low power consumption. Industrial and Infrastructure Systems Division carries leading edge compressors to the oil and gas market.


Hitachi offers a complete lineup of industrial generators that ensure highest levels of safety and efficiency. Hitachi's range of high-tech industrial generators includes industrial wind generators and large generators, which are widely installed in nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants.


Hitachi, Ltd. was initially founded in 1910 as an electric repair shop. Hitachi was the first to manufacture electric motors in Japan in 1914. Today, Hitachi manufactures state-of-the-art motors and motor products.

Power Semiconductors & Micro Devices

Hitachi implements cutting-edge technology to develop power semiconductors that fulfill varied demands of industrial marketplace. Hitachi's broad line of power semiconductors includes high voltage Monolithic ICs, IGBT modules, and power and high voltage diodes.


Hitachi leverages simulation technology to manufacture end-to-end pump systems with simplified functionality and unparalleled operability. Explore Hitachi's huge lineup of industrial pumps for drinking water transportation, irrigation purposes, power plants, and more.

Transportation Systems

Hitachi offers reliable transportation systems to meet the modern day commuting needs. Get to know more about Hitachi's high-quality, safe, and reliable transportation systems.

Hitachi Water Treatment

Hitachi‘s advanced water treatment equipment such as RO System (Reverse Osmosis) and MBR System (Membrane Bio Reactor) are highly beneficial for small scale sea water desalination and water reuse.

Hitachi Industrial Components & Equipment Division

For Industrial Components & Equipment Division, please visit http://www.hitachi-america.us/ice