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Hitachi Announces Enterprise Application Manager - Application Integration Management for TPBroker Distributed CORBA

Hitachi Demonstrates the Power of TPBroker with HiEM at



Mar 15, 1999 16:52 PM

The Software Business Group of Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc., a leading provider of open standard, object-oriented middleware and enterprise solutions, today announced Hitachi Enterprise Application Manager (HiEM), the latest in its series of Top-of-the-Line services and products built around TPBroker(R) that enable corporations to deploy mission-critical enterprise CORBA applications. Enterprise Application Manager provides the ability to easily and flexibly manage, administer, monitor and trouble shoot distributed, CORBA-based applications.

"HiEM reflects Hitachi's dedication to providing the tools necessary to ease the deployment of CORBA-based applications, not merely the development of them," said Shinpachi Ogata, Vice President of Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc., Software Business Group.

"As enterprises have deployed their mission-critical CORBA applications, the ability to manage them has been problematic, wasting valuable time and resources. We believe that development is the time to plan for the management of the production application, before a problem is encountered. HiEM provides the tools to easily instrument a TPBroker application during development for such production management."

HiEM provides key performance, event, and change management functions. Results are viewed through a Java-based GUI management console. An easy-to-use SDK enables developers to quickly instrument their CORBA-based applications for management by HiEM. This SDK is available for both C++ and Java development. Highlights of HiEM include:

• Performance Management - define and meet Service Level Agreements by collecting and acting on both the application and the object level statistics of the runtime application (e.g., transaction throughput, CPU Usage, I/O usage, memory usage, buffer utilization, response time, number of requests sent/received).

• Event Management - based on TPBroker's Notification Service, events are filterable, asynchronous and flexible to enable selection and prioritization of those events most important to the business.

• Configuration Management - configure, view and control applications both statically and dynamically. Multiple configurations can be defined, stored and associated with a specific application, with the appropriate configuration chosen as required. Lifecycle management features allow for the starting and stopping of applications, portions of applications and individual services.

• Management Console - GUI views of performance, event and configuration information is provided in predefined, user-modifiable table and graphical formats allowing for viewing real-time and historical data in the way that is most meaningful to the particular user.

"Development and deployment of object oriented applications is only the beginning. To insure these types of systems remain useful to the corporation, effective management tools can not be an afterthought," says Karen Boucher, executive vice president of the Standish Group. "Hitachi's HiEM provides the tools necessary to insure management of these complex applications is inherent throughout the project's lifecycle."

Future product releases will include advanced automated operation functionality that uses a rules-engine to activate events based on pre-defined event/performance metrics, and gateways that enable customers who are using network management tools to integrate HiEM event reporting (Hitachi's Job Management Partner 1/CORBA Event Gateway will be available upon GA; SNMP gateway is planned for later this year).


Hitachi Enterprise Application Manager for Windows NT will be available 2Q '99 with a pre-release version available in March. For further information, contact Sales at 800-558-1413.

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