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Hitachi America Announces New Leadership Appointments to Drive Expansion of Innovative Solutions and Support the Green Transition in the Americas

Santa Clara, California, June 26, 2024 – Hitachi America, Ltd. (“Hitachi America”) has announced the appointment of Shashank Samant as Executive Chairman of Hitachi America, Ltd. and Jun Taniguchi as President and CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd. The appointments became effective on April 1, 2024. Hitachi America is the regional corporate headquarters of Hitachi Group, and these executive appointments mark a significant milestone as the company continues its aim of realizing a sustainable society through the use of data and technology, leveraging IT, OT and innovative products.

Shashank Samant brings over 35 years of technology expertise to his new role as Executive Chairman of the Board of Hitachi America, Ltd. Prior to this appointment, Shashank served as President and CEO of GlobalLogic, a Hitachi group company. Notably, he led the company through GlobalLogic's acquisition by Hitachi Ltd. in 2021, one of the largest service company acquisitions in history. During his 14-year tenure, he catalyzed innovation and facilitated the digital aspirations of numerous Fortune 1000 companies. In addition to the Executive Chairman role, Samant also serves as Senior Vice President and Executive Officer in charge of Regional Strategies for the Americas at Hitachi, Ltd., Executive Chairman of the Board of Hitachi Digital LLC, and a member of the board of directors at Hitachi Energy. Samant’s deep experience and forward-thinking vision will be instrumental to Hitachi America and its commitment to addressing critical business and societal challenges.

“North America is a vital region for Hitachi’s global strategy. I am excited to collaborate with our talented team to drive our ambitious goals and advance Hitachi’s mission of social innovation,” said Executive Chairman Samant. “By harnessing advanced technologies and innovative approaches, Hitachi will continue to support its clients in achieving sustainable business outcomes.”

Jun Taniguchi brings a wealth of experience from a distinguished 29-year career at Hitachi to the role of President and CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd., while concurrently retaining his roles as Vice President and Executive Officer at Hitachi, Ltd., and CEO of Hitachi Digital LLC. Prior to his role at Hitachi Digital, Taniguchi served as the CEO of Hitachi Global Life Solutions, leading the digitization of Hitachi’s products business. In his early years at Hitachi, he served as a software engineer working in the Social Innovation Project Division and later, as the General Manager of the Control System Platform Division. His leadership and contributions to Hitachi’s growth and success will be crucial to achieving Hitachi America’s strategic objectives in the region.

“I am honored to lead Hitachi America at this pivotal time," said Taniguchi. “We are excited to continue our efforts, leveraging our extensive expertise in information technology, operational technology, digital and physical products -- to deliver transformative solutions, create value for our clients and bring benefits to society.”

Hitachi has a significant footprint in the Americas, spanning the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. This region represents a substantial part of Hitachi’s customer base and is critical to the company’s growth ambitions across all sectors of its business. Hitachi’s presence in the region is further bolstered by recent infrastructure-related legislation in the U.S., creating potential new opportunities for Hitachi’s power grid and railway businesses.

The new leadership at Hitachi America is poised to build on the company’s legacy of excellence and drive its mission forward. Samant and Taniguchi’s combined expertise and vision will be crucial in navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape and seizing new growth opportunities, including advancements in generative AI. The focus on digital, innovation and collaboration will ensure that Hitachi remains a trusted partner for its clients in the Americas, addressing the most pressing challenges faced by customers and society.