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Hitachi Products & Solutions

As a pioneering technology leader in the U.S., the Hitachi Group offers a diverse set of products and solutions, from developing innovative IT solutions, sustainable energy solutions to smart manufacturing and technology for sustainable transportation that empower businesses, cities and governments.

At Hitachi, we utilize our creative excellence and technical know-how to engineer systems, technologies, and infrastructures that lead toward a more sustainable future. Explore our set of sustainable technology solutions to learn how we’re helping to resolve business challenges while creating environmental, social, and economic value for our customers.

Transportation & Mobility Solutions

Transportation & Mobility Solutions

Leveraging decades of experience in developing best-in-class transportation and mobility solutions, Hitachi co-creates digital technology solutions that help companies enhance the overall commuting experience, leading to safer and more sustainable societies.

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Rail Services and Solutions

As a fully integrated rail systems provider, Hitachi is collaborating with businesses and governments to deliver environment-friendly mobility solutions.

Automotive Solutions

Utilizing our technological prowess and industry experience to create sustainable automotive solutions that deliver superior performance and help build a greener, progressive future.


Following meticulous processes to manufacture high-quality cables and wires, Hitachi supplies a wide-range of cable products that deliver optimal performance in transmitting energy and signals.

Automotive Components & Materials

Automotive solutions that can withstand high levels of wear and tear while offering excellent resistance against heat.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Discover our extensive portfolio of energy solutions that are supporting businesses and governments to manage the massive surge in power consumption while supporting a cleaner future.

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Energy Products & Systems

With offerings that include a comprehensive range of energy solutions, we are helping enterprises optimize the use of their assets and manage energy at the enterprise level. At Hitachi, we support businesses and governments through leveraging our innovative IoT platform and edge technologies to track energy usage in real-time and improve operational efficiency.

Energy Services & Consulting

Hitachi's energy services and consulting solutions help businesses plan, build, operate and maintain their power grids. We help our customers identify their challenges and recommend tailored energy solutions for their business needs.

Advanced Energy Solutions

We help our clients create real value through data-driven innovation and digitalization in the energy sector along with technology leadership in areas such as eMobility, Grid Edge Solutions, and Hydrogen Energy among others.

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Hitachi collaborates with various companies to deliver information technology services and solutions tailored specifically for resolving critical business challenges. Our state-of-the-art IT products and services are known to streamline business processes which result in better productivity and a higher return on investment.

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Digital Transformation

Digital solutions and products that support businesses in achieving digital transformation.

Infrastructure Modernization

Adaptable solutions to meet the needs of a resilient, efficient and modern infrastructure.

Data Modernization

New business opportunities for AI with a modernized data infrastructure, governance, and data ops.

Application Modernization

Agile and intuitive experiences built by modernizing legacy applications with optimization of pricing and performance.


Accelerating business’ digital transformation using powerful, efficient, and scalable flash and storage solutions.

IT Operations Management

Gain operational insights and make informed decisions with a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions and AI-enabled infrastructure management to streamline operations and optimize performance.

IoT Software and Solutions

A comprehensive suite of IoT solutions that help deliver high-value outcomes with actionable insights through Lumada solutions and edge intelligence.

Data Management and Analytics

Simplify data operations and accelerate innovation through data management products for analytics, AI and data integration.

Consulting Services

Scale your business, operations, and technology with confidence for resilience and growth in the digital era. Get customized solutions for your business to optimize productivity and achieve long-term growth.

Edge to Cloud Infrastructure Services

Accelerate deployments and migrate critical data to systems quickly with edge to cloud infrastructure services.

Social Infrastructure: Industrial Products

Social Infrastructure: Industrial Products

Harnessing the true power of technology to transform lives and businesses, we deliver class-leading industrial solutions that optimize the functioning of various manufacturing facilities.

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Industrial Products & Solutions

Discover Hitachi’s class-leading industrial solutions that help augment asset productivity, improve operational efficiency, and transform your business outcomes.

Industrial and Infrastructure Systems

Combining the latest industrial products and a robust infrastructure system to optimize businesses and deliver greater efficiencies.

Air Compressors

Delivering reliable and durable compressed air solutions.

ICT Solutions

Solutions that help customers effectively manage their storage conditions.

Industrial Marking Solutions

A wide range of marking, coding, and labeling solutions for our partners’ production line needs.

Iron Castings

Highly reliable ductile and gray iron casting solutions for various markets.

Performance Cable & Components

State-of-the-art high-grade cables and components that are used across a gamut of industries.

IoT Imaging Solutions

Embedded with a data analytics engine and powered by some of the most advanced motion sensors, Hitachi IoT Imaging Solutions are compatible with multiple usage applications.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Hitachi's innovative and advanced healthcare and medical diagnostic digital solutions help healthcare providers transform hospital experience, improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life.

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Particle Therapy System

Hitachi’s Particle Therapy System is significantly contributing towards making a difference in the fight against cancer. It is considered as one of the most advanced forms of cancer therapy with pinpoint accuracy and minimal side effects.

Technologies and Materials

A two-fold solution of manufactured enterprise-class materials used by healthcare facilities and the technologies that help collect, integrate, and process health data to enable better clinical decisions.

Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD)

Resolving complex issues and facilitating effective treatment systems for patients.

Mining & Construction Machinery

Mining & Construction Machinery

Hitachi’s extensive experience in the mining industry acts as an enabler in delivering solutions that guarantee precision, performance, and lower emissions while saving energy costs for our customers. Our portfolio includes wheel loaders, excavators, haul trucks, foresters, valves, and regulators.

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Mining Solutions

High-performing products and services that augment operational performance and overall productivity.

Construction Machinery

Excavators and foresters of unwavering focus and rich legacy built to deliver optimal performance under stress while retaining their fuel efficiency.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders with unmatched reliability that provide a safer environment for workers and operators.

Fittings and Tubing Products

Using the best raw material to manufacture high quality, reliable, and safe products that consistently deliver their best performance under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Engine Solutions

Hitachi Engine Solutions leverage innovative technologies to ensure engines deliver remarkable performance, efficiency and reliability.

Crushing Solutions

Meeting our customers’ product requirements with mineral-processing and complete maintenance support to deliver a smooth after-sales experience.

Scientific Research & Laboratory Equipments

Scientific Research & Laboratory Equipments

Hitachi is making significant contributions towards critical fields including education, science, healthcare, agriculture, environment, manufacturing and mobility to build a sustainable society and help improve quality of life for all.

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Electron Microscopes and Focused Ion Beam

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements in material science, biological research, and industrial applications.

Analytical Systems

A wide range of high-caliber scientific instruments that are engineered meticulously to enhance precision and increase performance.

Advanced Materials & Industrial Solutions

Advanced Materials & Industrial Solutions

Discover Hitachi’s series of innovative hi-functional and advanced materials that supersede the usability and performance of traditional materials commonly used across industries.

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Advanced Materials & Components

Best-in-class advanced functional materials and components used by automotive, digital video, communication, broadcast, TV and sustainable technology product manufacturers.

Rolls & Sensors

Hitachi rolls have been supplied to over 90% of steel makers in North America.


Hitachi offers a complete range of permanent magnets, magnetic and electronics materials, and application engineering support from our experts in the field of magnetics.

Semiconductor Materials

Using advanced materials and technologies to develop a variety of components for the semiconductor industry.

Tool Steel, Alloy Steel, CPM, and Other Metal Products

Utilizing our advanced processes and techniques to manufacture abrasion-resistant alloy and tool steel to deliver maximum operational productivity.

Smart Audio Visual Products

Smart Audio Visual Products

Since 1956, Hitachi audio visual products have provided state of the art solutions to consumers all over the world. It has been our pleasure to design competitive products at the lowest possible prices while maintaining our industry-leading quality standards for your comfort and enjoyment.

For audio visual product support please see Hitachi Service & Solutions

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