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Hitachi America R&D – HERO and GLOW at EPIC Forum

Members of Hitachi America R&D, Energy Solution Lab participated in the EPIC (Electric Program Investment Charge) Virtual Forum, Reimaging Buildings for a Carbon Neutral Future, on September 2-3, 2020. The two-day virtual event, hosted by California Energy Commission (CEC), highlighted new and innovative clean energy technologies, and explored strategies to achieve carbon neutrality in the electricity sector by 2045.

Individual participants from Energy Solution Lab included Dr. Bo Yang, Dr. Yanzhu Ye, Dr. Panitarn Chongfuangprinya, and Dr. Masanori Abe, who presented Hitachi Energy Resource Optimization Suite (HERO) and GridLAB-D Open Workspace (GLOW) solutions. Many attendees stopped by the virtual booth and shared their excitement about the solution advancement.

With the proliferation of renewable generations, distributed energy resources (DERs), electric vehicles, and demand response resources, electrical power grid operators are experiencing unforeseen challenges. HERO provides state-of-the-art software applications and advance analytics to address technical issues that users cannot otherwise solve with traditional solutions.

GLOW is an open-source distribution planning platform with an intuitive graphical user interface that models emerging smart grid energy technologies. The adoption of smart grid technology, such as Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), can be facilitated by reducing both the time and expense of analyzing impacts and providing mitigations. GLOW is supported with funding from the CEC under grant EPC-17-043.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital solution demands in many industries. This is certainly true in the energy industry, where rapid digitalization, the shift of renewable energy, and the rise of self-generating communities are disrupting the grid, rapidly reshaping the industry, and creating opportunities for innovation. Our Energy Solution Lab team focuses on solving these challenges and bringing fast, accurate data collection, management and analytics to the energy industry.

To learn more about our Energy Solution, please contact https://www.hitachi.us/rd/contact-us/.