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Hitachi America R&D Scientist Joins AAAS - Responsible AI Series Discussion

Opening the Medical “Black-Box”

The world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has been promoting cutting-edge research since its founding in 1848.

This year, Hitachi strengthened its longtime partnership with AAAS by sponsoring a three-part Facebook Live series on “Responsible AI.”

In the most recent program covering AI and healthcare data, Dr. Hsiu-Khuern Tang, Principle Research Scientist, Hitachi America R&D, joined the online discussion titled “Opening the Medical ‘Black-Box’” along with Dr. IIana Harrus, the Senior Program Associate of AAAS AI/Applications-Implications, and Professor W. Nicholson Price II of the University of Michigan School of Law.

Please watch the discussion to find out how AI is revolutionizing health care!