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Hitachi in the U.S.A.Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Hitachi America R&D

Hitachi America, Ltd. Research & Development

The Reboot Video Series

The Reboot is a new, seven-part interview series featuring Hitachi America, Ltd. R&D experts exploring the social challenges, public policy issues, and digital technologies that will shape our post-pandemic world. The series will examine the future of: Digital Transformation; AV Technology; Industrial Automation; Digital Manufacturing; Multimodal Mobility; AI and Post Pandemic Foresight.

"The Reboot"

Episode 1
"The Future of Digital Transformation"

Episode 2
"The Future of Autonomous Vehicle Tech"

Episode 3
"The Future of Industrial Automation"

Episode 4
"The Future of Digital Manufacturing"

Episode 5
"The Future of Artificial Intelligence"

Episode 6
"The Future of Multimodal Mobility (Rail)"

Episode 7
"Strategic Futures Thinking"