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Hitachi in the U.S.A.Hitachi in the U.S.A.

Hitachi America R&D

Hitachi America, Ltd. Research & Development

About Hitachi America R&D

About Us

Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D) brings together some of the world’s greatest minds to research and innovate for a better future. For three decades, Hitachi America R&D has collaborated with business and research leaders worldwide to address industry and social issues, creating next-generation solutions that make the planet a safer, smarter, healthier and more secure place.

A Century of Innovation

Research and development is the cornerstone on which Hitachi was built. From development of the 5-horsepower motor in 1910 to the recent development of humanoid robots, our teams have helped solve the problems of the day while also looking to society’s future.

Hitachi America R&D was established in 1989 to locate research centers close to industry-leading advanced markets. We are now part of the Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation (CSI), where our focus is on pioneering solutions to drive social innovation in the Americas. We pursue research that supports many of Hitachi’s backbone businesses, including semiconductors, automotive systems, IT platforms and networks.

Our Research

Hitachi is a unique company that can vertically integrate – from materials and products to technologies and complex solutions – to provide end-to-end value to our customers. And Hitachi America R&D is the catalyst that makes this happen.

At the core of the Hitachi America R&D process is a unique combination of advanced IT, operational technology (OT), and products and systems that lead to comprehensive solutions. We tap the power of big data analytics, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other advanced technologies to develop innovative solutions.

Our Team and Research Centers

Hitachi America R&D’s talented team includes more than 100 highly skilled, multidisciplinary members in the Americas who are tackling societal challenges to achieve a greener environment, more efficient exploration of resources, smart vehicles, and better healthcare, agriculture, mining and transportation solutions.

From our strategic locations in Santa Clara, California; Farmington Hills, Michigan, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements. Through our market-driven co-creation approach, we share visions, generate concepts, and quickly develop innovative technology and solutions that are validated through proof-of-concept prototypes at our customers’ sites.

Our Detroit Research Center works closely with customers on OT and product development to introduce new concepts for manufacturing and next-generation vehicles, including vehicle electronics, emission-reducing systems and vehicle dynamics. Our Silicon Valley Research Center works on asset life cycle management, optimized manufacturing, predictive maintenance, energy and finance.

Join Us

We look forward to exploring new opportunities for co-creation with customers in our industry-leading centers. Together we can co-innovate solutions across industry sectors to create a better future for us all.

Our Research Centers

Silicon Valley Research Center

Silicon Valley Research Center

2535 Augustine Dr, 3rd Floor, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone 408.986.6300

Detroit Research Center

Detroit Research Center

34500 Grand River Avenue, Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Phone 248.474.2800
Fax 248.473.8420

Corporate R&D Worldwide

Corporate R&D Worldwide

Message From General Manager

Koji Takaichi

Welcome to Hitachi’s research labs in North America. Hitachi is a company that takes very seriously its mission "to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products." At the beginning of current three-year mid-term management plan (FY2021 Mid-term Management Plan), Mr. Higashihara, President & CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. announced that the Hitachi Group would pursue business activities that deliver 3 values: Social, Environment and Economic values. There are many complex societal, environmental and economic challenges that cannot easily be solved with existing solutions. Since its foundation in 1910, Research has been the cornerstone of Hitachi and it responds to the changing needs of our customers and society in each age. The pioneering work in Research & Development ultimately drives new business creation and efficiencies for the Hitachi Group, as it is doing today, as the Hitachi Group aims to become a global leader in Social Innovation Business.

One of the unique strengths of Hitachi is its long-standing business in both IT (Information Technologies) and OT (Operational Technologies). We understand both how things work, from the device level to the business level, and also how to apply the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and analytics, cloud computing, and so on to create solutions, or change business models, combining Hitachi’s IT, OT and quality products. Our experience shows that this combination is what generates unique value for a solution, and our research labs are uniquely capable of creating it for all kinds of industrial and societal problems.

In the research labs we focus on effective solutions to compelling customer problems. Our researchers are constantly at the front line - going to mines, warehouses, oil rigs, banks, and all kinds of factories. They use first-hand knowledge of the machinery and the operation of the business to create unique solutions to ensure that the AI and analytics is applied to the “right” data to deliver “real value”.

Another unique strength is our extensive work in co-creation with customers, in diverse areas such as smart manufacturing, fleet management, rail, power and energy, financial services and public safety. We follow a tried-and-true process that starts by developing a shared vision, generating concepts and solutions, and proving their practical value on actual customer data.

Finally, we don’t work in isolation. We have behind us the strength of 2,500 researchers of the Hitachi Global Research organization, and 300,000 people in the Hitachi Group. We create social innovation as ONE HITACHI.

Intrigued by what we can create together? Talk to us. We are looking forward to working with you.

Koji Takaichi
President and CEO, Hitachi America, Ltd.
General Manager, R&D Division, Hitachi America, Ltd.