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Fortifying Digital Trust With a Blockchain-Based Notary System

Distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are emerging as the leading solution for securing and certifying business data. DLTs, also referred to as blockchain systems, are based on Hyperledger and similar platforms and are generally regarded as immutable. But their data can be manipulated if someone can access all of the system’s nodes, or servers.

Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D) has developed a blockchain-based notary system to address that loophole and ensure digital trust. The Hitachi solution manages a blockchain system shared among companies and organizations that have a private ledger that requires independent verification. To ensure privacy of business data, only the Merkle proofs (the mathematically hashed proofs of the data) are stored in the notary service. When data needs to be verified, it is first confirmed against the original system to determine the Merkle proof output, which is then confirmed by Hitachi’s notary system.

Hitachi America R&D is a leader in blockchain technologies and conducts continuous research to make the technology practical for everyday business use cases. Going forward, such solutions will provide a totally secure and private way for companies to certify their business data and ensure a more digitally secure future for all.