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Mastering the Hitachi Design Approach for Future Success

From concept to production, your design is foundational to success. Businesses must be creative if they want to succeed and grow. Hitachi’s human-centric design approach is an effective way for organizations to tap into this creativity across industries. Companies can improve their ability to identify opportunities, define and scope objectives, innovate new solutions and validate their values while addressing a broad range of business challenges.

The Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation–North America (CSI-NA) uses design approach that includes facilitated workshops, field research, visualization, concept evaluation and more in its customer projects.

The Hitachi’s design approach includes four workshops:

  • Foresight Workshops help clients re-evaluate their business direction and analyze societal, technological, economic and political trends. These workshops consider how society might change in the next 10 to 15 years and spur organizations to rethink their business direction based on this renewed perspective.
  • Organizational Alignment Workshops define goals and align participants around the same goal. These workshops help organizations identify shared objectives, define the mission statement as a team, identify and prioritize common challenges, and devise possible actions to overcome those challenges.
  • Context Mapping Workshops identify opportunity areas. Participants identify stakeholders and the resources and values exchanged between them, allowing teams to establish a deeper understanding of the solution space. As a result, they can identify potential business opportunities or areas where they lack needed details, presenting opportunities for further investigation and field research.
  • Solution Ideation Workshops generate solution ideas and action plans. By empathizing and re-imagining target stakeholder challenges, participants redefine who they aim to create value for, what the value should be, and how the value should be delivered. Tools used may include personas, Business Model Canvas, journey maps, results from research and other workshops.

Hitachi’s design workshops help companies discover opportunities and hypothesize solutions and the potential value those solutions can generate. The workshops iterate through discovering, hypothesizing, prototyping, evaluating, and refining phases to ensure that the resulting innovation generates the intended value. Hitachi’s design approach helps companies master innovation and create solutions that deliver value to customers around the world.