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Smarter Data Solutions to Meet Energy Demands

When industries transform, opportunities emerge. That’s certainly true in the energy industry, where rapid digitalization, the shift to renewable energy and the rise of self-generating communities are disrupting the grid, rapidly reshaping the industry — and creating opportunities for innovation.

In the midst of this transformation — when the need for fast, accurate business intelligence is greatest — organizations are struggling to regain control over their data. Many utilities, vendors and end users are overwhelmed by the amount and variety of their data, which is often spread across silos, with incompatible data protocols and no way to perform the advanced analytics necessary for growth and competitive differentiation.

The Hitachi America R&D’s Energy Solutions team focuses on solving these challenges and bringing fast, accurate data collection, management and analytics to the energy industry. Our approach is based on customer-focused innovation and centers on these key areas:

  • Internet of things (IoT) data solutions for energy equipment, i.e. inverters and power equipment
  • Advanced data analytics on:
    • Renewable forecasting
    • Energy storage operation for multiple revenue streams
    • Distribution resource planning and operation
    • Distribution energy resource modeling and simulation

Hitachi Energy Resource Optimization Suites are designed to be open workspaces with a rich selection of energy applications for diversified user groups who own or operate DERs. These high-end software suites feature state-of-the-art visualization technologies with advanced grid modeling, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. They provide end-to-end solutions for online and offline applications, including edge computing and IoT data ingestion and management. Applications are all web-based and can be available on customer premises or in the cloud. With these innovative solutions, our customers are empowered to plan for distribution resources, monitor generation or consumption in real time, and optimally control their DERs.

Smarter Data Solutions to Meet Energy Demands

By helping customers make sense of their data – and draw more value from it – Hitachi America R&D Energy Solutions is solving fundamental business challenges in the power and energy sector and developing solutions that will drive a better, more sustainable future for the energy industry and the world.