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Optimizing Operations

Change is coming to industrial operations, but current transformation approaches often lack a technology backbone that systematically addresses value chain requirements. To be successful, an organization’s transformation must eliminate silos and disconnects in IT and operational technology (OT) systems, which leave them without a single source of truth. In addition to eliminating silos, organizations must also find a way to address manual processes and workflows, a lack of access to external demand and supply signals, and susceptibility to market and technology disruptions.

To overcome these challenges, Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D) has developed solutions for both operations’ optimization and supply chain optimization.

Operations Optimization

Hitachi America R&D operations optimization solution suite addresses operations use cases across several verticals. To develop this suite, we abstracted problems in operations across different domains and solved them by using a combination of machine learning and simulations. After the organization has gathered its observations – that is, its data, the solutions target three tasks.

  1. Interpret the current status of its operations.
  2. Predict the future status of its systems and operations.
  3. Optimize operations so that its systems become more efficient.

The solution includes three components, each of which corresponds to one of the tasks.

  1. Descriptive insights allow the organization to determine the current status of its operations. Solutions include Operations Monitoring and Operator Performance Analytics.
  2. Predictive information provides a look at the future status of the organization’s systems and operations. Solutions include Activity Time Prediction, Production KPI Prediction and Demand Forecasting.
  3. Prescriptive recommendations allow the organization to optimize its operations to drive efficiency. Solutions include Process Failure Rate Reduction, Resource Scheduling and Dynamic Dispatch.

Hitachi America R&D operations optimization solution suite has been implemented in a variety of verticals, including mining, discrete manufacturing and continuous manufacturing.

Supply Chain Optimization

Hitachi America R&D’s supply chain optimization strategy helps organizations optimize their supply chains to generate more value. Our two-step approach ensures success by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology:

  1. We apply digitalization for a strategic technology overhaul that optimizes cost of operations and enables new services by automating manual operations across the value chain.
  2. We then further digitalize to extend value-added services into the portfolio and create new value for the enterprise.

Our supply chain optimization strategy helps companies improve their customers’ experience and transform the businesses they work with into true partners. Integrating digitalization in supply chains in this manner prepares companies for the future.