Hitachi at Bloomberg Breakaway 2017

Hitachi at Bloomberg Breakaway 2017

The Bloomberg Breakaway Summit, held on May 2-3, 2017 in New York City was created to give CEOs actionable information they can use to navigate the challenges of rapid growth in a changing economy and evolving technology landscape, and how to take their companies to the next level. The event, sponsored by Hitachi, included insightful panel discussions and interviews with innovative thinkers to hands-on, solutions-oriented workshops to facilitated networking opportunities. The Summit was designed to provide maximum value to a select group of approximately 175 senior executives. Conversations on policy, innovation, talent and finance provided “Breakaway” members with insights and ideas to win in today’s disruptive environment.

The program also featured a combination of interactive interviews with corporate leaders, top investors, and industry experts, and immersive workshops focused on creating solutions to win in today’s disruptive business environment.

Along with being the Diamond sponsor of this sold-out event, Hitachi senior executives, including Hitachi America’s President and CEO Koji “Ken” Takaichi as well as other senior Hitachi executives participated in this event. Hitachi also sponsored a workshop discussion focusing on the social and business impact of artificial intelligence and big data.

Hitachi sees digital innovation, such as our newly launched Lumada IoT Platform, as well as creative collaboration with customers as essential tools for meeting today’s challenging from a rapidly evolving business environment.

Ken Takaichi, President and CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd.

AI and Social Impact – Hitachi-Sponsored Work Shop

Artificial intelligence tools help your business collect and analyze more data than ever while reducing labor costs and improving the customer experience. AI already is transforming how many businesses and industries function, from medical providers diagnosing and treating diseases to financial professionals managing complex portfolios. But as more companies deploy artificial intelligence, they must be aware of the implications and unintended consequences of leveraging the technology. What is the social impact of AI? What happens when AI goes rogue -- such as a with renegade social media bot? This workshop focused on how companies can prepare to successfully implement artificial intelligence and avoid such pitfalls, from the merely annoying to the disastrous.

Mr. David Wilson of the Hitachi Healthcare Americas explained that Artificial Intelligence is certainly prominent in the minds of business leaders. Discussing the impact that AI can have on society drew many leaders to the conclusion that AI still needs human oversight. Applying moral or political correctness to data is a consideration that AI is unable to provide today. The reasoning for this is that humans apply their bias every day to the data that is posted, shared and reviewed which in turn creates a bias in AI. Human intervention is still needed today to prevent adverse impacts.

AI can have a huge impact particularly in healthcare. Healthcare is generating massive amounts of data and new technologies such as genomics, digital pathologies and clinical decision support are becoming more prevalent. Our expectations of physicians to be able to sift through family history, patient history, genomic details, lifestyle impacts and socioeconomic factors are becoming more unmanageable. The use of AI can help find similar cohorts of patients, determine best treatment paths and improve resulting outcomes. Precise intervention within the care cycle still eludes even the most data-rich disease management and care coordination or patient care programs in existence today. To an even larger degree, artificial intelligence must help caregivers anticipate and/or find these direct intervention points such that their efforts have the most maximum impact.

Hitachi believes in co-collaboration with its partners and customers to better understand the challenges society is facing and how we can better address these challenges with our social innovation business. Whether it’s analyzing of big data healthcare information or ensuring power grids are efficient and effective, Hitachi continues to work towards solutions that will positively impact society. Being a part of the Bloomberg Breakaway community enables Hitachi to reach key leaders that can influence how industry reacts to AI and respond appropriately.

This event provided Breakaway members the opportunity not only to engage with their peers but also to learn from one another, in the spirit of true collaborative creation.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017