Developing Resilient Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Developing Sustainable and Resilient Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Developing Resilient Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life — including the supply chains that power the global economy.

The manufacturing industry is facing a range of new challenges, and Hitachi has solutions in place that will help them weather the storm.

With COVID-19 as the top concern for many employees, manufacturers are working to build environments where employees can work safely and securely.

In addition to increasing employee confidence, these moves will raise productivity and workplace satisfaction. To ensure resilient production lines, manufacturers must implement predictive diagnosis and troubleshooting processes.

While these steps will be critical to meeting today’s challenges, Hitachi solutions can also help customers face the challenges of tomorrow. This includes the development of sophisticated manufacturing lines that utilize robots to eliminate labor shortages and improve efficiency as well as building stronger supply chains that are able to fully utilize the latest data.


Hitachi has over 100 years of technological know-how in manufacturing and over 60 years of experience at the forefront of IT and production. Hitachi is committed to leveraging its experience and expertise across a wide range of business domains and digital technologies to connect cyber and physical spaces. Hitachi will help build resilient manufacturing operations and a strong supply chain.

Hitachi is accelerating the merging of its robotic System Integration business with digital technologies. For example, JR Automation automates both smaller operation-assisted systems and larger fully-automated robotic lines for distribution and manufacturing facilities using digital technologies tied to enterprise resource planning (ERP: integrated backbone operating systems) and manufacturing execution systems (MESs).

Hitachi High-Tech America demonstrates the strengths of plasma etching systems – enabling the ultrafine processing of semiconductors while providing a foundation of electron microscopes and other high-precision measurement and analysis technologies. Hitachi supports shortening development turnaround time and improving productivity and yield during each semiconductor manufacturing phase.