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Hitachi in the U.S.A.Hitachi in the U.S.A.

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Strengthening IoT Edge-to-Core With Innovative Solutions

At Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D), we recognize that the Internet of Things (IoT) edge is critical to every industrial IoT solution. That’s why we are developing innovative IoT edge, core analytics and platform solutions. We leverage our decades of experience in IT, operational technology (OT), and products and systems to discover new answers to society’s challenges. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary teams create solutions with our customers and for our customers.

At Hitachi America R&D, we focus on innovation and innovative solutions. Our talent set is unmatched. In addition, the Hitachi group companies have a worldwide reach. We can tap into those global resources whenever needed. And the Hitachi Global Insights Lab brings together a team of researchers and designers from around the world to support technology innovation in several research centers. Together, we are innovating to create advanced solutions that will benefit the world.

IoT Edge Solutions

Focusing on all major aspects of the IoT edge, our solutions are tailored to solve industrial IoT problems and have been deployed in real-world use cases in manufacturing, transportation and other sectors. These solutions feature:

  • Scalable and modular architecture: Our multitiered, remotely managed edge architecture accommodates use cases with single or multiple edge nodes. The loosely coupled architecture adds flexibility to the system to allow for location-agnostic services such as data storage, compute and visualization.
  • Distributed analytics orchestration: Microservices-based architecture allows seamless distribution of analytics anywhere across the IoT fabric, from sensors to edge to cloud.
  • Ubiquitous connectivity: Our solutions support multiple industrial connectivity protocols, and our advanced connectivity solutions provide noninvasive data extraction from digital displays.
  • Flow management: We offer structured and unstructured data flow management and data lake storage in a common format, based on compute, network and application constraints.
  • Inference sensing: Solutions based on sensor fusion (such as acoustic/vibration/camera/OT data) render edge analytics solutions in real time.
  • Security: Sensing-layer security analyzes the behavior of all data sources and alerts stakeholders when potential security breaches are detected.

IoT Edge/Core Analytics

Deploying solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) presents challenges, such as managing data collection and building and deploying models from edge to core. To address these, Hitachi America R&D has built an architecture for flexible deployment of analytical solutions in the cloud or on edge servers. The architecture uses docker images that can be deployed entirely on cloud virtual machines, entirely on edge servers or in a hybrid model with images on both.

IT Platform

Hitachi’s IT platform is fundamental to integrating IT with OT. We integrate AI/analytics and IoT/edge technologies on the IT platform to uncover unprecedented insights. The IT platform is high-performance, agile, flexible and reliable, with integrity from edge to core configured through hybrid cloud solutions. Application developers can leverage Hitachi AI/analytics and edge solutions to focus on development, while cloud operators can focus on maintaining their services nonstop without increasing operating cost.

Hitachi America R&D continues to work on collaborative creation with customers to understand their challenges, validate ideas and create solutions that overcome both business and social challenges.