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Healthcare Solutions: Predictive Intelligence for Better Decision-Making

In healthcare, a decision can be a matter of life or death. Any technology that enables faster, more accurate decision-making is invaluable – and today’s data analytics does just that. With fast access to the right data, analytics can turn this data into actionable insights that drive better healthcare decisions.

Healthcare organizations collect radiology data from MRI and CT machines, clinical data from electronic health records, device data from the ICU, financial data from payers, and personal health data from wearables. To provide the best care possible and remain competitive, healthcare organizations must harness that data and use it to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.

At Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation – North America (CSI-NA), the Healthcare Solution Team has developed Predictive Cohort technology to help healthcare organizations harness and use this data. The technology enables organizations to analyze data and make predictions that can be used to improve clinical decision-making across the healthcare system.

Predictive Cohort solutions help healthcare organizations:

  • Predict hospital length of stay to help with resource management and staff scheduling
  • Identify patients with a high risk of 30-day readmission, hospital-acquired conditions, and more, so that preventive measures can be taken to improve patient outcomes and avoid penalties
  • Create early warning systems for clinical deterioration to improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary ICU transfers
  • Analyze patterns of care paths for unnecessary variations to improve care quality and reduce cost
  • Analyze streaming data from ICU devices and wearables to make real-time predictions about the wearer's condition
  • Use text and image analytics to improve radiology workflow

Predictive Cohort solutions can be applied to hospital operations management, accountable care organizations, population health management, comparative effectiveness research, precision medicine, patient monitoring, clinical decision-support systems and many other forward-looking areas.

Hitachi America R&D is helping healthcare organizations around the world manage the increasing volume of data they receive and turn that data into insights so they can deliver better care to every patient they serve.