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Predictive Maintenance: A data-driven solution for right-time maintenance

Avoid unexpected equipment downtime and the related costs. Companies across industries are using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics to predict equipment failures before they happen, so they can take preventive action. Companies that make use of predictive maintenance can avoid unexpected failures, decrease maintenance costs and increase equipment availability to achieve operational excellence.

Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D) has developed a solution suite to address maintenance and repair use cases across several industries. We work with our customers to understand their requirements. Then together we develop data-driven technologies that enable their workers to apply the right maintenance actions at the right time.

Our solutions employ AI and machine learning technology and combine them with historical event and sensor data to:

  • Monitor equipment health and performance and detect any faults in the equipment or any of its components
  • Predict future failures and end-of-life events and estimate the impact of potential failures
  • Guide technicians on how to repair equipment, recommend the right maintenance action and optimize equipment operating conditions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance actions and analyze the root causes of failures

Hitachi predictive maintenance solutions are helping companies across industries, including manufacturing, transportation and automotive, infrastructure management, oil and gas, mining and healthcare. In addition to reducing expenses and downtime, predictive maintenance can help make the world a safer place by preventing equipment failures that can create dangerous situations.

Hitachi America Research and Development Division (R&D) works with companies around the world to implement predictive maintenance programs that will help them reduce costs while improving efficiency, safety and quality.