Digital for all.

Change is all around us. Business is changing. Society is changing. Even the climate is changing.

All this change presents us with exciting opportunities to reimagine how we work, improve how we live, and ultimately, transform the world around us. All of us. How? By doing what we’ve done for over one hundred years: leverage technological advances that enable societies to thrive in times of great change. We believe the next generation of digital solutions will be vital in facing the challenges ahead. All of them.

Digital Transformation Whitepaper Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Preparing for the next wave of digital transformation

Digital transformation is about much more than technology. It is an ongoing journey that fosters innovation, efficiencies, and better customer experiences, a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation.



Our GenAI Journey

An ongoing series of exploration & development

Jun Taniguchi - CEO of Hitachi Digital LLC


We are currently amidst significant changes driven by the power of digital technology. The advancements in digital technologies such as generative AI, Web3.0, and the metaverse are accelerating, and the interconnectivity of everything in the digital realm is expected to enrich our lives.

Jun Taniguchi

CEO of Hitachi Digital LLC

All Things AI

Watch as Gajen Kandiah leads guests down the path of AI on this Digital for all. video podcast series.

Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.

Coined from the words "illuminate" and "data", the name Lumada embodies our goal of shining a light on our customers' data and illuminating it in such a way that we can extract new insight, thereby resolving our customers' business issues and contributing to their business growth.


Pioneering Sustainable Futures, One Digital Step at a Time