Hitachi in the USA

"Hitachi believes in collaborative innovation to overcome challenges, drive adoption, ease transition and build a sustainable future."

     -Hicham Abdessamad, Chairman & CEO, Hitachi America, Ltd.

Since the company’s founding over 110 years ago, Hitachi has grown and diversified while expanding its footprint in the U.S. From the export of 30 electric fans in North America in 1926 to earning 1,877.9 billion JPY (12.5 billion USD)* billion in revenue as of March 2023, Hitachi has created value for its customers, stakeholders and communities while improving the quality of life.

With expertise in cutting-edge digital and climate technologies and innovative solutions, Hitachi is driving sustainability across industries and becoming a climate change innovator by driving decarbonization and unlocking economic opportunities. By accelerating the adoption of clean power while meeting the growing demand for a connected, modernized infrastructure and resilient supply chains — Hitachi is committed to powering good by achieving carbon neutrality in its own supply chain by 2030.

Hitachi offers a wide range of sustainable technology solutions, industrial services and equipment, transportation & mobility solutions, healthcare and life science solutions, energy solutions, IT infrastructure services, and more. We are working toward developing green energy, resilient manufacturing, and robust mobility infrastructure by utilizing advanced digital technology solutions involving IoT, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Through collaboration and public-private partnerships, Hitachi is striving to bring governments, businesses and partners together to accelerate social innovation in the U.S. and build a better future for all.

* 1 JPY = 0.00667 USD

Company Name Hitachi America, Ltd.
Address 2535 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel (408) 986-6300
Fax (650) 244-7037
Founded 1959