Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

With digital transformation restructuring entire industries, seizing a piece of this opportunity has become the core of business strategies. Hitachi, powered by its OT and IT expertise, brings a wide spectrum of digital technologies, managed services and other applications into the existing operations to simplify your digital transformation journey.

Hitachi Cloud Services and Solutions


Not all clouds are created equal. Hitachi Vantara’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade, managed cloud capabilities provide the benefits of secure, trusted on- or off-premises deployments without compromising the elastic, pay-as-you-go benefits of public cloud. With a wide range of services and solutions, Hitachi and its Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Partners can help you achieve the benefits of the cloud and meet the demands of your business.

Hitachi Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Accelerate your success with operational intelligence insights, analytics and AI from Hitachi's Lumada – and co-create innovative IoT solutions to benefit society and organizations everywhere. We enhance operational productivity, quality, maintenance, safety, consumables and more with end-to-end solutions co-created to meet your organizational needs.

Converged Infrastructure Systems

Converged Infrastructure

To help enterprises embrace digital transformation with confidence, Hitachi Vantara provides with them an array of converged infrastructure. We assist you in speeding the enterprise deployment and simplifying operations with the IT infrastructure that is built to accelerate digital transformation and help you achieve better business outcomes.

Hitachi Storage Solutions


No matter what type of data, application, or business, you can trust Hitachi’s comprehensive flash and storage solutions. With a powerful portfolio that can cover your storage needs – from hybrid to all-flash to object storage – to deliver a complete onsite-to-cloud solution, our model of storage efficiency reduces operational costs and minimizes data center space requirements with advanced storage efficiencies, including adaptive data reduction.

Hitachi Networking Solutions


Modern data protection isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must for your most critical applications and digital transformation demands a modern approach to data protection. Hitachi Vantara’s networking solutions, converged systems and data protection systems integrate your compute, storage, network and management software so you can focus on what matters most – innovating for the future.

Information Security Solutions

Information Security Solutions

In today’s digitalized world, companies of all types and sizes need to protect their critical data assets against breaches and intrusions. With Hitachi’s advanced Information Security Solutions, enterprises can experience data resilience for the digital age while minimizing downtime, improving recovery performance, and protecting your information assets.

Hitachi Data Center Management

Data Center Management

Hitachi Data Center Management simplifies operations, eliminates risks and speeds up innovation, thus helping enterprises to achieve new insights, accelerate decision-making and improve control of your data center. We help you create an intelligent, more efficient data center by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence-enabled operations.

SAP Services by Hitachi

SAP Services

From strategic planning and software licensing, through implementation and cloud managed services, Hitachi optimizes the SAP experience. Together, we hone your long-term technology roadmap to provide a clear path forward. We can help prototype and test new solutions designed to make you more competitive, and manage your overall SAP landscape to mitigate risk and maximize the value of your SAP environment.


Social Innovation in Information Technology

With an eye on the future, Hitachi is pursuing the development of advanced IT technologies to gain better insight into current societal issues. This will help to deliver the true value through innovation not only for the customers, but for the society as a whole.

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