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Energy Solutions

Hitachi is changing the global energy landscape with its green energy solutions for a resilient and sustainable energy future for all by deploying energy-saving measures and addressing the key components of reliability, cost reduction, grid optimization, and the adoption of electrification.

Hitachi provides a wide range of market-leading energy systems and smart grid solutions. Our portfolio of power grid products, solutions, software, and services aims to support the United States’ commitment to transition to low-carbon energy by 2035.

We are helping to power good by designing sustainable energy solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change and fulfill our environmental vision of building a decarbonized society for all.

Advanced Energy Solutions
Advanced Energy Solutions

Advanced Energy Solutions

From supporting asset-intensive industries in resolving their toughest challenges to helping businesses develop agility and harness the right data to make intelligent business decisions, Hitachi is unlocking new economic opportunities through its wide range of smart energy solutions.

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