Ken Umei
Ken Umei

Particle Therapy Division
Chief of Staff to CEO
Hitachi America, Ltd.

Ken Umei

Ken Umei currently holds roles as VP & GM Particle Therapy Division and Chief of Staff to CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd.

Ken has been working in the field of particle therapy for over 20 years. He spent ten years at Hitachi America, Ltd. paving the business growth path and securing orders from multiple academic and health institutions to deploy the Hitachi Particle Therapy System. Ken has also contributed to establish the Hitachi Service & Maintenance Organization in United States which supports the Hitachi Particle Therapy System.

In 2016, Ken was relocated to Hitachi Europe and penetrated into the new market with successful track record in Spain and Italy. Ken held multiple executive roles within Hitachi Europe including Chairman of the Board at Hitachi Italy S.r.l. Upon his return to Hitachi America in 2024, in addition to further enhance the Particle Therapy business, Ken is supporting the new Hitachi America CEO, Mr. Jun Taniguchi as Chief of Staff to drive growth strategy as regional HQ.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from University of Sydney in Australia. Ken enjoys playing tennis and baseball.

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