hitachi america supports kidpower

Hitachi America, Ltd. Supports Kidpower in Their Interactive Training Sessions

Kidpower addresses critical health and education issues facing youth and families in the Bay Area –– the prevalence of negative peer interactions such as bullying, harassment, shunning, coercion and other forms of emotional and physical violence and abuse among youth in schools.  HAL's Bay Area Community Action Committee engaged in the interactive training sessions Kidpower provides to various institutions.


HAL selected two elementary schools,  Meadow Heights Elementary in San Mateo and Bowers Elementary School in Santa Clara, and participated in the training session with one of the 3rd grade classrooms from each school; each having approximately 25 students. After going through a 45-50 minute tutorial from Kidpower program director, Erika Leonard, HAL volunteers spent 2.5 hours, interacting with the kids under Erika’s instructions, demonstrating how to determine, how to react and how to inform the adults if they encounter such situation.  Each volunteer was assigned 3-4 students to work with as a team.


It was refreshing for the volunteers to interact with the 3rd graders, their eyes twinkling with curiosity, their comments so pure, yet quite observant of their surroundings, especially when it comes to people close to them, like teachers and parents.  


HAL also provided 100 safety clip lights with a Hitachi Logo for the entire 3rd grade classes of both schools to keep.