Hitachi Celebrates Science Day

Hitachi Celebrates Science Day in partnership with the California Science Center (CSC)

In October 2018, the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC), in partnership with the California Science Center (CSC) hosted its eighth annual “Hitachi Celebrates Science Day” at the CSC. The theme of the event was “Robotics to the Rescue” and featured Hitachi’s Humanoid robot EMIEW 3, who performed various functions throughout the day, including dancing, talking, turning around and speaking in sign language. More than 170 children, teachers and parents attended from local area schools and nonprofit organizations.

Each of the attendants were divided into groups and were asked to make robotic arms. They were also given the chance to interact with EMIEW during the day and ask him to perform some real life functions. Roboticists from the Hitachi America, Ltd. Research and Development Division in Santa Clara, CA were on hand to ensure that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. They also hosted a meet and greet prior to the Science Day with educators throughout the area.

On hand to present a Certificate of Congressional Recognition was a representative from Congressman Ted Lieu’s office. Hitachi received the certificate in recognition and celebration of the company’s remarkable commitment to encouraging younger students to take an interest in and pursue a career in the STEM fields through “Hitachi Celebrates Science Day” and with sincere appreciation for our dedication to supporting and shaping the next generation of scientists. The Hitachi SCRCAC also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Nanette Barragan of the 44th district for the dedication and support to students throughout Los Angeles as they explore the wonders of science.