Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee Sponsors No Limits for Deaf Children

Hitachi SCRCAC Sponsors No Limits for Deaf Children for Innovative Education in STEAM

Founded in 1994, the Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC), comprised of six group companies, has been committed to improving the quality of life in the areas in which they do business. Whether it be funding for education, youth development or the environment, the SCRCAC has always held fast to the belief that Hitachi’s contributions to its local communities solidifies the company as a good corporate citizen and connect employees to their communities.

One such beneficiary of the SCRCAC is No Limits for Deaf Children, a nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles. No Limits teaches deaf children the skills to succeed in school and in life through its national theatre group and educational centers. For close to ten years, the SCRCAC has helped to fund the STEAM program which provides hands on, language driven science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics education to low income children who are deaf or hard of hearing. A dedicated Hitachi science room is located at their LA headquarters. More than 100 participants, including the deaf students and their siblings participate in this program.

“Because of Hitachi’s incredible generosity more than 10 years, impoverished deaf children have access to the hands on, innovative education in STEAM! So many of our students have been inspired to become doctors, engineers and researchers because of Hitachi’s support of the No Limits STEAM program. You truly are giving deaf children a brighter future and we are so grateful,” said Dr. Michelle Christie, Founder and Executive Director, and recent recipient of the 2017 CNN Heroes Award.