Hitachi’s Global Women’s Summit

Hitachi's Global Women's Summit Fosters Leadership & Career Development

The "Global Women's Summit 2018" was held in the Republic of Singapore on October 2. This global event was held to encourage female employees of the Hitachi Group to gain a deeper awareness of leadership and career planning, and to increase their motivation through networking.

This event - the third of its kind following earlier renditions held in the United Kingdom in FY2016 and in United States of America in FY2017 - was held in Asia for the first time and was attended by approximately 160 female employees from 17 countries and region, in positions ranging from junior staff to managerial representatives. The event aims to achieve the following objectives for the participants: (1) Inspire by illustrating senior management's commitment to gender diversity and by sharing the success stories of high achieving female leaders; (2) Empower to nurture personal leadership at each workplace; and (3) Build a network with peers from more than 50 Hitachi Group companies around the world to share lessons learnt and motivate one another.

Hitachi has positioned diversity management as an important management strategy, and is promoting this throughout the Hitachi Group worldwide, backed by strong commitment from senior management.

As part of Hitachi's pursuit to resolve the diverse and complex issues faced by customers and society, it is essential to combine talents that demonstrate diverse values and backgrounds. Hitachi has been actively co-creating workplaces that enable various employees to demonstrate their full capabilities and building common human resource management frameworks throughout the global operation. Through these initiatives, Hitachi actively promotes gender diversity as one of its strategic themes. As part of broader efforts to reflect diverse opinions and values in its management, the company will further promote women's participation at the decision-making level and has set a goal to achieve a 10% female ratio amongst its Executive Officers and Corporate Officers by FY2020.

Hitachi will leverage on this event as an opportunity to further accelerate activities on diversity within the Hitachi Group worldwide. It will create workplaces that respect the unique attributes of every employee, including gender, nationality, age and values, and where all individuals are active, bringing together a wide variety of strengths. With a range of diverse talents, Hitachi will continue to promote the creation of new values and solutions to resolve the issues faced by customers and society."