Hitachi Vantara’s International Distribution Center

Hitachi Computer Products America, Inc. and Hitachi Vantara International Distribution Center Get Recognition as Energy Efficient Eco Factories

Hitachi Computer Products America, Inc. (HICAM) and Hitachi Vantara’s International Distribution Center in Norman, Oklahoma have been recognized by the Hitachi Group as an Eco Factory Select because of their facility’s energy efficiency.

The Facility also aims to reduce its impact on the environment in other ways.

Renewable Energy

HICAM and Hitachi Vantara purchase wind power to reduce greenhouse gas emission. About 80% of electricity consumed in 2018 was wind-generated. The facility’s monthly renewable energy purchase was incremented in January 2019 and now accounts for about 85% of total consumption.

Water Conservation Initiatives

HICAM and Hitachi Vantara have established many water conservation initiatives. There are water conserving valves on toilets and waterless urinals in the bathrooms. In addition, they installed a high-efficiency cooling tower to reduce water usage. It saves thousands of gallons of water and thousands of kWh of electricity annually.

The facility was able to reduce the outdoor watering schedule to lower irrigation consumption. Weekly preventative maintenance and water meter monitoring detect wasteful leaks in the system.

Waste Reduction Efforts (landfill reduction and reusable packaging)

Hitachi continues to find new ways to reduce the overall amount of waste going to the landfill. Recycling and reusing have increased through education and better practices. Several of the facility’s reuse projects are not tracked, so the Reuse Chart values are conservative. Hitachi will pursue comprehensive tracking of the numerous reuse efforts. Reducing the overall amount of waste going to landfill is a core goal. The ratio of recycling to landfill exceeds 96% for 2018 and has been improving each year.

The plant has added materials to the recycling stream and works with suppliers and packaging designers to convert to only recyclable materials (no plastic) to further reduce landfill.

Hitachi continues to increase its reuse of reusable packaging items as well as wood and plastic pallets, plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc. Wooden crates are sent back to the manufacturer for reuse.

Partnership with the Nature Conservancy

Hitachi Computer Products and Hitachi Vantara are partnering with The Nature Conservancy. The Conservancy will create two ecosystem services maps of Hitachi’s property at 1800 E Imhoff Rd. in Norman, OK. The first map will include baseline data of the existing species and habitat prior to enrichment activities. Baseline data help establish the abundance and species richness on the property; these are needed to understand how management impacts local and migrating species. The second map will be updated to show the differences after activities have been implemented. Long-term monitoring efforts can be compared to baseline data and further guide property managers on how to improve habitat.

Using the Habitat Map and ESII Tool Map, the Conservancy and Hitachi will collectively define goals for maintaining and increasing wildlife habitat and ecosystem services on the property, develop an employee engagement strategy to implement the Habitat Network Plan and establish metrics to assess the impact.