Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC) Donation to Covid 19 Response

Hitachi SCRCAC Donates For Access to Books During the COVID19 Pandemic

The Hitachi SCRCAC recently donated $3,000 to Access Books to purchase approximately 750 books for students affected by the Stay at Home order and Covid-19. This is an emergency program in partnership with the Book Foundation to get book bundles to the poorest children in Los Angeles who are not in school right now because schools have been closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. They are coordinating with schools and Grab and Go Centers to give 3 grade level, brand new, popular, culturally relevant books to each child who comes with their parents to pick up food and other resources to support them through the stay at home order. The books will help parents teach at home, give the children some respite from the anxieties of quarantine by getting lost in a book, and give children in poverty a start at their own private libraries. Many of the children they serve have no books in the home. The children they are serving are having to be schooled at home by teachers who give online lessons on borrowed school computers. Parents must reinforce the lessons but most of them have a hard time with that due to language barriers and lack of education. Some kids don’t have internet access in the home. The donated books give children the message that they are not forgotten, that reading is a great way to spend quiet time at home and give them pride in having books of their own. Their hope is that the books will give children happy memories from the quarantine.